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Is It Necessary To Hire A Decorator Offering Dust-free Painting Services?

Is It Necessary To Hire A Decorator Offering Dust-free Painting Services?

Covering your home walls in paint, especially good quality, beautiful paint, will promote the building's aesthetics. For this reason, your painter should have experience enough to do a great job and be affordable. Does such a painter exist? Why and how should you hire one? These questions will be answered in today's post.

Why should your choice of painter be a professional?

Most homeowners or property managers don't have an easy time getting a skilled painter. Even when they do, there is a need to look out for dust. Yes, dust is a real concern. Your painter should offer a dust-free service for your project to be smooth.

Home decorators whose services are free from dust know how to keep home surfaces clean and safe as they go about the job.

Dust can damage valuable fixtures and fittings in the home and should be taken care of. During a painting project, furniture and floors are easily affected, so a good painter will protect these surfaces. Besides that, they understand the importance of cleaning the work area after completion so you can rest easy knowing that dust will not be a bother to your expensive furniture.

Why should you hire a dust-free painting service?

Several reasons will convince you to get a painter or decorator whose services are dustless. The dust has the potential to damage floors and furniture, and put your health in harm's way. How? By causing respiratory sicknesses.

Let us look at other reasons...

  • Efficiency: A high-performance company based on training and experience can deliver a dust-free painting seamlessly and on time.
  • Reputation: Any decorator that is an expert knows that reducing or completely eliminating paint dust will increase their chances of getting more jobs. So they will work like the professionals they are to keep their business reputation intact.
  • Expert knowledge: Paints are made from different chemicals. Your reputable decorator knows the effect of these substances on your health and will be able to advise how to manage such, so you don't come down with respiratory disease. As far as home and office painting are concerned, you need a professional painter for a great finish.

On your part, you would prefer someone who knows just how to paint and save you the stress of dealing with dust. And after spending all that money purchasing paint and paint supplies, it would be disheartening to see dust ruin your walls.

How to choose an expert decorator

Several factors are up for consideration when it comes to choosing a professional painter and decorator in London. This is why it is not easy to choose. For you, the outcome of the painting is important, while for the painter, quality of service matters. So you need to hire a decorator that will work to your satisfaction. A dust-free painting is part of a smooth painting service. This is why your chosen painter should employ methods that will greatly lower dust generation.

Aside from what the painter will do to curb dust, you can also help by decongesting your space. How? When you pack stuff into a room, depending on how much of it, dust comes with it, the space in the room reduces, and ventilation is impacted. Of course, when air doesn't circulate the way it should, dust takes over. Decluttering will help reduce decorations and furniture in your space, delete dust and improve ventilation.


Home and office renovation jobs generate a lot of dust. Dust is released from wall preps and moving furniture to work with paint and other materials. These are not the only reason, though. There are methods of painting that can increase the dust in an area. A good decorator will not add but reduce dust when painting a room.

For a dust-free painting, contact Paint Works London today.