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With diverse experience, especially in property renovation, painting, plastering service, decoration and bathroom, and bedroom remodels, property restoration, and interior decor.

What separates us from the rest

Our years of experience

Our attention to every detail

Our enviable customer satisfaction record

  • We have undertaken work in a variety of disciplines in the building industry.
  • We have a forensic attention to detail and this is what helps us complete each project to the best and the highest specifications.
  • Through the working process and the outcome, our friendly teams will always deliver faultless workmanship.

Our Commitment

Paint Works London is committed to the highest quality workmanship and have set ourselves exacting standards. Every member of our team is efficient, courteous as well as having the highest sill levels skilled. We have been delivering our outstanding and always bespoke plastering service in London to the general public and to business and construction, for many years.

Our Plastering services will ensure that you have a professional worker and that you also have an honest and experienced tradesman who has perfected their craft.

Our Promise

We will always agree and prompt and clean service. We also offer our extensive experience and expertise, in plastering but also in painting and in decorating, and in house renovation.

Paintworks London promises you prices that are very competitive. Call us today and get our free no-obligation quote.

Our portfolio

Plastering Services for kitchens, bathrooms, commercial projects, and bespoke domestic plastering. We undertake interior and exterior plastering and do call outs in emergencies as well as plastering repairs and plaster-boarding.  

We undertake ornamental or construction plastering work, applying a layer of plaster and decorative moldings to the exterior and interior walls or to ceilings, for a smooth finish in preparation for wallpapering or painting.

The Skimming process

Skimming is a part of plastering work as by applying two thin coats walls can be smoothed. This process is the finishing part of plastering and is applied to walls or ceilings.

The roughcast

The roughcast sometimes called ‘pebble dash’ is a process that produces a coarse plaster surface used on outside walls. It is made up of a lime compound normally a mixture of sand and cement. It might also consist of small gravel particles, shells, or pebbles.

The wet dash finish

The so called wet dash finish is produced with an application of a final coat to which 5-13 mm coarse aggregate has been added. The process involves the mortar thrown up onto a wall and left un-trowelled.

Artex Covering

When artex is to be plastered over we will make sure that there is no flaking and check that there are no loose sections on the wall or ceiling. Finally, all obvious visible high spots of artex will be removed.

For plasterboard

Plasterboard is also sometimes known as drywall, gypsum board, or boardwalk is used on interior walls and on ceilings. Plasterboard in the United Kingdom is most often sold under the trademarks Gyproc and Sheetrock.