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Paint Works London are ready to take on your sound proofing projects


It is a complaint that we hear often - my peace and quiet of my home are being disturbed by:

  • neighbours
  • loud music
  • air traffic
  • worries about Heathrow’s expansion
  • other businesses

Paint works London have many talents and one is the installation of some of the best professional  London sound proofing is definitely one of them.

We work in offices and in domestic settings to help neutralise noise whatever the source and various sound proofing solutions we offer will help to lower noise levels, giving peace and calm maybe for the first time in years.

Paint Works London offers a free quotation and advice and there are several reasons why you should contact us now for a quote like:

  • Prices that start from only £60/m2 for material and labour, including VAT
  • Reliable and professional service in sound proofing
  • Our pass rate of 100% for building regulation - part ‘E’ installations
  • Solutions to address loud noise of all types
  • We have a proud record of working to time
  • We have full insurance

What will sound proofing cost me?

At Paint works London we will charge you per square metre of sound proofing that we use and will always do our best to keep prices low. In a lot of cases, our customers have the sound proofing they need, carried out one room after another.  With the uncertainty that we all live with, sound proofing can be a great and cost-effective alternative to the upheaval of moving house.

Domestic or Commercial Sound proofing –
we can help

Whatever the issue we can help.  Maybe it is noise from other buildings or operations that is making working uncomfortable in your commercial premises?  Noisy neighbours or a busy main road spoiling the peace of your home?  Let us show you a way to enjoy the quiet again without moving home or office.  We can provide full insulation for sound with the use of wall panels that are high-density and that will offer sound proofing installations for floors, walls and/or ceilings.  All the materials we use are the best quality and we use:

  • Impact barriers (Isonic Hangers, Resilient Bars, Genie Clips)
  • Mass (Acoustic Plasterboards/dB Boards/Mass
  • Insulation Absorption (Acoustic Mineral Wool/Acoustic Matting/Acoustic Sealant)
  • Loaded Vinyl’s/Soundvproofing Panels)
  • Multi-Leaf construction (Multiple Layers of Acoustic Plastervboards)

Our experience has shown us that when we use a combination of solutions for sound proofing can combat annoying noise levels, so whether you are seeking home sound proofing solutions or you want to address intrusive levels of noise in office settings, we can offer to provide many options for sound insulation.

Contact us now for an affordable solution to your noise problems with sound proofing that will let you live in peace once more. Whether it is your house, a flat, perhaps a conversion in your garage or another outbuilding, a new build or your office space – we have the solution.  Contact us for a free quote.