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Painter & Decorator in London

Costs of Hiring a Painter and Decorator in London

Hiring a Painter and Decorator

Painting and decoration works do not have fixed costs and much of it depends on where you stay and the painter you choose. For example, the cost of hiring a painter and decorator in London might be almost four times higher than hiring one in other places.An effective tip is to decide the amount of money you would lose when you take out time to do the work by yourself and then compare the cost of hiring a painter.

Average Painting and Decorating Rates for the Year 2022

We would give you an idea about the average prices for painting and decorating services for you. These averages have been listed below in the price table given below. If you want to know the entire costs specified for your situation, you may use our quotes service and request for different quotes from quality painters. We offer free and no obligation quotes to everyone.

Job Details Estimate Completion Time
Painting 1 Bedroom Flat From £1450 3 day
Painting 1 Bedroom House From £1450 3 day
Painting 2 Bedroom Flat From £1750 3-5 days
Painting 2 Bedroom House From £1750 3-5 days
Painting 3 Bedroom Flat From £2050 5-7 days
Painting 3 Bedroom House From £2050 5-7 days
Painting 4 Bedroom Flat From £2300 7-10 days
Painting 4 Bedroom House From £2300 7-10 days
Painting 5 Bedroom Flat From £2600 7-10 days
Painting 5 Bedroom House From £2600 7-10 days
Wallpapering Per role of wallpaper From £30-40 Depends on sq. m.
Wallpaper stripping Stripping paper or tiles From £80 per room or £20 per sq. m. Depends on sq. m.
Glossing Gloss work in good condition From £150 per room 1-2 days
Glossing Gloss work in bad condition From £275 per room 2-3 days

Consider the costs of Painting and Decoration Works in London

When searching for a good painter and decorator in London, make sure you ask about the costs that need to be paid for the services offered. On this basis, you are not encouraging him to avoid paying the tax, rather you offer to pay cash for the work to be done.

However if the painter works for a specific brand, then they will provide you a quote which is 20% inexpensive than the quote obtained from a big painting company. Depending on your type of work, painters and decorators are happy to perform small jobs in order to keep themselves engaged and usually quote an affordable price for the customers.

Kind of Materials used in Painting and Decorating Works

Another place where you can save money is by purchasing materials on your own or informing that you will pay for the materials separately and require copies of all the receipts from your painter.

It is not unethical for painters and decorators to include 20% to the cost of materials used for covering the price to purchase them. Also, they do not want to bear the risk if not getting paid on time at the end of the job. Make sure you pay for all the materials purchased which will make the painter and decorator happy and satisfied.

Ask for Free Quotes from Our Painters and Decorators

You will find that there is much more involved in painting and decorating works than knowing how to use the paintbrush or roller. We want you to be confident when you ask a painter to provide you a quote for painting your property. You can recognise from their answers what they are exactly talking about. You can also ask for free quotes and compare between them to choose painters and decorators for your need.

Costs to Pay for Your Painting and Decorating Works

Get in touch with painters and decorators in your area, request for quotes and begin comparing the rates to find the right tradesman for your work. Our quote service is for free that does not have any obligations at all.