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Easy Tips to Make Your Home Both Stylish and Kid Friendly

Easy Tips to Make Your Home Both Stylish and Kid Friendly

The arrival of your baby does not mean that your home won’t remain stylish anymore. A renowned interior decorator in London suggests some mind-blowing but easy tips to deck up your home in a beautiful and child-friendly way.

Let’s explore further and see how the ideas from this interior decorator can help to create a positive impact on your home. Let’s start with the furniture.


If your coffee table is super-slick with sharp, pointed corners, you should consider replacing it to avoid head bumps when your little one takes his or her first wobbly steps around the home. Hard furniture made of glass or uncompromising metals needs to be put to the side too. Durable furniture has its necessity but during this early parenting stage, you should focus on furniture with a softer and more rounded profile that can easily be cleaned.

Go for multifunctional pieces that also provide sufficient storage solutions. A few examples may help you further:

  • Low-slung sideboard with baskets, shelving and cupboards
  • Coffee table with magazine rack below


Consider going for open-plan kitchens. This plan delivers a great family hub where everyone can assemble. How about rounded ends on island units and peninsulas? You can complement that with easily wipeable fronts in a matte shade. If you select a glossy white, the smudges and dirt marks will remain too prominent. Do not go for black either but rather, choose a neutral shade or pattern to make the kitchen appear spotless.

These days, units with push-touch opening are very popular on the market. These units will prove a little difficult for your kid to figure out than those conventional pull-handles. If you stack detergents, cleaning solutions and bleaching chemicals in the lower cupboards, make sure that the front doors can be locked. The lower cupboards that store flour, medicine, rice and such other items should also be kept locked for obvious reasons.

Do never think to dumb down your style personality just because you've got a toddler at home.

Clothes and fabrics

When the kids are really small, choose fabrics that are easily washable and long-lasting. Replace luxurious velvets and fine linens with rough and tough denim, anytime washable canvas and wipe-able leather.

Alternatively, velvet in deep blue is known to withstand the tantrums of kids. Couches and chairs are more prone to wearing out over time. Leather beanbags or faux fur offer great comfort as well as, sufficient space to accommodate additional seating. Your little ones will flop out more comfortably in front of the TV set or lie back with a book on this range of new-age seating arrangements than conventional chairs and couches.


Consider complimenting your chairs and sofas with fashionable cushions and throws. Pillows and throws invariably contribute a lot to improve the appeal and style quotient of any room. Go for bold colours, graphic prints and such other varieties. This is relatively cheap, which is what makes it a great décor idea. Remember to swap your cushions depending on the season. It’s a great idea to select geometric shapes and stripes for the winter, floral for spring and likewise.


Hard flooring is a wise choice when children are around. Planks of real wood, vinyl, laminate, engineered floorboards, rubber and moulded concrete flooring options need to be mentioned here. These solutions not only look great but also last sufficiently long in spite of thick traffic and messy feet. A fast sweep and mop with a floor cleaning solution or a detergent are enough to maintain these floorings nice and clean.

On the flip side, when you go for concrete or tiled flooring, your feet are always placed on a cold surface.


When you have toddlers at home, just avoid an all-white colour scheme and do not bother to ask why. Choose easily wash-able covers and floors that can be easily cleaned.

Colour schemes

There is nothing much to say here. Painting contractors in London suggest that going with dark colours is a must if you desire to keep all stains hidden. You may also select a neutral palette – shades like a biscuit, dove grey, charcoal and others. 

Kids’ room

The conventional way is to follow a standard colour scheme – blue for boys and pink for girls. We believe that you should go for gender-neutral shades like pebble-grey, apple-green and oatmeal as they appear more natural. This way, your taste will stand out from the rest.

It is important that your home also highlights the personalities of your children. Even their achievements can be boldly displayed to give a brand new meaning to home décor. Consider framing their paintings, artwork and school pictures to create a distinct gallery across the kitchen and well-illuminated hallways.