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8 Major Interior Decorating Trends You Should Consider

8 Major Interior Decorating Trends You Should Consider

We have reached the final quarter of 2019. As the days until the New Year lessen by the day, it is now prime time to look at the top interior designing trends that can define and make your home stand out in the upcoming New Year.

In the following section of this blog post, a team of professional painters and decorators based in London highlight some of the most crucial trends that you must take a look at.

Natural wood

Woodwork makes a big appeal in the upcoming 2020. Your options in this category include the following:

  • Polished wooden floorboards
  • Rough-hewn coffee table
  • Stripped timber ceiling

Wooden décor invariably provides a unique warmth and cosiness blended with a rustic, earthy feeling.

Curved and angular furniture

Furniture designs better are in curvatures and angular. This approach gives every piece of your furniture an unmistakable fluid shape. Bold, funky shades complement better with the new-design furniture.

Rewinding back to nature

Plants are the in-thing as far as modern interior decor is concerned. The presence of a little greenery not only adds elements of glamour to a room but also enables you to breathe in fresh and clean air. Even a tiny piece or two of any plant greatly affects the look and feel of a room or any indoor space.

Colours to concentrate on

Considering the on-going trend, focus more on colours like burnt orange, warm beige and terracotta. In addition to that, use various shades of green in the offset to soothe the eyes. Make sure you have a rich blend of colours that define a more holistic way of living.

Here’re some more tips when you’re considering colours for your indoors.

The following shades are very common and are symbolic to reconcile our relationship with nature:

  • Auburn flair
  • Cinnamon sand
  • Cornstalk
  • Sea creature
  • Golden grain

You can also consider other shades that can help to soothe the mind. These shades include Pinkham, silver thaw, Madam mauve, Shetland lace, New Life and others.

Defining ceilings

Experienced painting contractors in London suggest that the ceiling must be in a bright shade to give your indoors a lively appearance. Other than emulsion shades, you may also go for wallpapers and other decorating options. Just make sure the walls and the furnishing to a room remain categorically neutral to your ceiling statement.

Wall decor and wall hangings

Wall hangings are another hot trend that ranks much above gallery walls and framed prints. Consider having solid, geometric colour block elements on your walls to capture attention. You can smartly complement this with a carpet or rug with geometric patterns. Rugs at wall decor are something still unique in interior designs.

Black wall

If black – as a colour – finds an appeal in you then consider yourself game. Get an entire wall painted in black and this decor approach is equally applicable to a lounge, bathroom, bedroom or any other place within your indoors. Do not forget to always let in natural lighting to that particular room to bring in more mind-blowing effects. Remember that the beauty of black in a room opens up in a greater way when there is enough light to counter the darkness and gloom that black radiates.

Marble tabletops

Whether it’s your console table, coffee table or just side tables – a marble top invariably adds elements of attraction to at your indoors. Marble has an unmistakable connection with sophistication, whereas marble tabletops have their practical utility too. Consider investing in marble tabletops to make your indoor space appear more sophisticated.