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5 Challenges and Do It Yourself Solutions for Interior Decoration

5 Challenges and Do It Yourself Solutions for Interior Decoration

When it is about interior decoration, there are a lot of challenges faced by homeowners. Some may require hiring painters and decorators in London while others try out simple designing tricks to implement on their own. Go through this blog post to know about the 8 most common challenges faced by most people that have decided to start designing and organising their living space.

Keep the necessary items on the priority list

Often, homeowners want to keep a particular piece due to some emotional connection. Whether it is a set of furniture previously owned by your grandmother or something that reminds you of an important time in your life, it is quite difficult to remove them from your house due to these sentimental matters.

The solution: The professionals will work with you to integrate your loved items into a consistent design. Smaller pieces that have sentimental value can be used in the form of accessories that have been assembled together on the shelf.

Budget restrictions

 Budget constraints may appear in different forms, but we will refer to the clients who want to change certain items that had been costly when purchased at the initial stage. It is quite common for individuals to be attached to traditional pieces if they had made a significant investment in their homes furniture.

The solution: You need to make a few changes that will bring new life into this space. It is suggested to recover outdated cushions and furniture to enjoy the construction of pieces that had been expensive.

Outdated cabinets and benchtops

Benchtops can be quite difficult to change and are the biggest challenges of a bathroom or kitchen project within your budget. Replacing benchtops is quite inconvenient but the worn-out and unappealing ones need to be changed.

The solution: There are different ways you can approach this obstacle. One way is to work alongside the present benchtops that require less costly stylish updates. You can even add a backsplash to refresh older benchtops.

Colours and furnishings that do not compliment the room’s size 

 It is quite common to have furnishings that do not fit the room’s size. This usually happens when people move from one home to another at the time of purchase. They might have large items that seem to be a burden in smaller rooms.

The solution: Evaluate the entire area and find out what will work in terms of proportion and scale. If there is a big space for open-concept, you can always go dramatic with colours, patterns and prints even when you do not replace all the furnishings.

Wrongly chosen accessories 

You will come across houses and spaces where the accessories being used are not up to the mark. This might mean dark curtains that block natural light from entering your house, messy bookshelves and bulky lamp shades. This could mean that outdated or stained rugs and unattractive art pieces that have been misplaced.

The solution: This is one of the most common interior decorating challenges to deal with and homeowners are usually amazed at the difference it will have by changing those accessories.

Thus, if you are extremely worried that being plan-obsessed is just spoiling your interior decoration, then you should get in touch with reputed painting companies in London and know how you can be flexible with your design ideas, open your mind and get the perfect home design for your need.