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10 Attractive Interior Paint Colours for Home Decoration in 2019

10 Attractive Interior Paint Colours for Home Decoration in 2019

At some point in time, we all get the urge to make changes to our home. Very often, one of the most common things we desire to change is the colour of our walls in our home. According to colour expert, Amy Wax ‘colour is the backbone of design.’ Hence, it can change any space instantly when you hire reputed painters and decorators in London and its nearby places. Wonder which 10 paint colours will work the best depending on the room that you’d like to paint? Take into consideration these 10 paint colour ideas to try out.

  1. Hazelnut paint colours – These usually have warm and creamy shades that will not go out of fashion or collide with present furnishings. Different shades of hazelnut are certainly a good choice for bouncing light off and making the rooms look larger than they are.
  2. Lilac gray – Dove gray is among the classic paint shades when you are searching for other options to neutral paint colours. The addition of lilac shades to create gray hues will make the room appear warm and cheery. As the home interior colours revolve around several shades of gray, an option to improve the lilac tones will give a refreshing alternative that will be subtle enough for it.
  3. Dark greens – Dark green colours are popularly known as ‘night watch’. Whether it is from muted to moody, the trend for deep green colours may work to imitate the feel of botanicals and healing power of nature in your home while, at the same time, set the tone with foundational hues. This trend should be kept for large rooms as its intensity might overwhelm small spaces and make them appear darker.

    When selecting the latest paint shades for your house, consider what will work the best with your design, taste and lifestyle so that it goes perfect with your personal aesthetic.
  4. Muted pastels – Pastel derivatives have muted and chalky tones with soothing appeal that bring an understated vibe with them. They are the perfect choice for neutral rooms and common spaces such as – bathrooms and kitchens for hiding daily scuff marks. Besides that, these muted pastels make for a warm setting for modest design.

    You will simply love how the kitchen has a perfect combination of the latest paint shades with dramatic marble backsplash in complimentary tones that will certainly make it memorable when compared to a black and white kitchen. You can always choose muted pastel paint colours when searching for the unexpected without committing to bold shades or the latest paint colours.
  5. Soft clay – If you love to travel, then these soft clay paint colours are a good choice to browns and beiges as they provide a casual elegance to the rooms. Go for terra cotta, clove, burnt orange and caramel home interior colours that have a great personality as compared to the neutral shades.

    If you are looking for an interior design trend, then go for the latest paint colours that will show off the unusual takes on those clay tones to make the rooms appear more open. You can always select a backsplash or an accent wall to know how effectively the hue can lift up a room and your overall mood.
  6. New blue paint colours – Charcoal blue, gray-blue, ice blue and pale powder blue are great options when looking for paint shades for the room. With an unlimited options for blue paint colour ideas, there are several routes to follow with this particular tone.

    Make sure the blue home interior colours you choose are soothing and try to avoid heavy-handed hue that will make the room appear smaller and darker. When you choose hues for a stronger impact, tone it down with muted and subtle colour palette from your wide range of options.
  7. Mustard – If you are searching for various colours and an alternate option to gold, then deep mustard is good for creating rich focal accents. Select moody and muted mustard home interior colours for provocative depth, and highlight art as the best paint colour ideas can be applied in small doses only.
  8. Mist – This non-colour for home interior is the combination of muted pastel blue and green with a lilac and gray undertone. Consider this colour trend in the form of canvas for decoration of all shades and styles than standard beiges, whites and muted pastels that can cover up blemishes with ease.
  9. Mushroom – Mushroom can definitely appear as a natural colour yet it is a moody one too. Different shades of mushroom are gender neutral, unique and timeless. Also, it will look great with natural finishes and furnishings in the rooms.
  10. Pewter – Pewter paint offers almost empty canvas and the perfect shade is that of gray-beige with rich alternative to white walls. Though it should be standard before getting shortlisted as the best paint colours for 2019, this colour trend should not be underestimated. In fact, the designers suggest choosing pewter paint colour ideas throughout your house than only one room as its one shade will work with everything.

You must be aware that no wall in your house should be left blank and so, these trending interior paint colours for the year 2019 will inspire you to paint your house before the summer season comes to an end. You may contact some reliable painting and decorating companies in London where the experts can help in choosing the right shade for different rooms and make your house look very attractive.