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Best Kitchen and Bathroom Tiling Companies in Westminster, London

To hire a skilled group of tile installers to replace the tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, call Paint Works London. We have a team ready to handle all of your tiling needs. We can deliver the best tiling service possible for a bathroom or kitchen.

Professional Bathroom and Kitchen Tiling Services in Westminster, London

Why You Should Choose us for Kitchen and Bathroom Services?

  • Reasonably Priced

    Since tiling projects can be expensive, we provide a variety of financing alternatives to fit your budget. You and/or staff will determine a payment schedule that works for you.

  • No-Cost Consultations

    For consultations, we will assist you in fulfilling your tile project. After evaluating your demands, our staff will provide you with a thorough estimate for the job.

  • Professional Assistance

    We at Paint Works London take great satisfaction in offering our services. Our skilled team has the knowledge and experience to produce outstanding outcomes for any project.

Transform your space with Our Residential and Commercial Tiling Services

Paint Works London is the top bathroom and kitchen tiling provider in London, offering residential and commercial tiling solutions.

Tiling is an art that creates beautiful and long-lasting surfaces by using creativity, precision, and craftsmanship. With years of experience, our team has completed commercial, industrial, and residential projects. If you need a professional tiler, look at Paint Works London.

Our team of skilled tilers handles and fits bathroom and kitchen tiling services. We know how important it is to select the appropriate tiles and have them installed expertly, whether you're trying to improve your kitchen, bathroom, or any other area of your home. To ensure that we give you the best craftsmanship possible, our committed team of professionals undergo frequent training to stay current on the newest methods and fashions.

Fully Equipped for the Job

Total Proficiency with Wall and Floor Tiling

Our tilers have extensive expertise in installing tiles on walls and floors. We'll come to your house at the best time for you, complete all the tiling work swiftly and effectively, and cause your family as little disruption as possible. Contact us for a free quote.

Professional Tile Selection Advice

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Tile

The bathroom is one room in your house where you'll spend a lot of time. When getting ready for bed or starting your day, you want to create a welcoming atmosphere that you will like. One of the most important aspects of bathroom design is selecting the ideal tiles.

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the process and research. Consider these crucial points while choosing the perfect bathroom tile to design the bathroom of your desires.

The kitchen and bathroom tiling service provides elegance and sophistication. Our talented team of artists is committed to creating aesthetically beautiful bathrooms that capture your excellent style. Our extensive selection of high-quality tiles accommodates a range of design choices, from classic to contemporary aesthetics.

Attention to detail produces a luxurious and smooth finish, guaranteeing flawless installation. With exceptional tiling services, you can enhance the appeal of your bathroom and create a haven of beauty and utility unlike any other.

Seamless Tiling Services

Professional Bathroom and Kitchen Tiling for a Quality Finish

From how you renovate your kitchen to which products you choose for your bathroom, the tilers are with you at every step. They will complete a full survey and share their creative ideas with you. They will help you renovate the space. Working with the tilers, you will get an inspiring design for your bathroom and kitchen.

Schedule the Best Bathroom and Kitchen Tilling Service

Are we searching for a tiling service in Westminster? Paint Works London offers interior tiling for bathrooms and kitchens. We provide our services in and around Westminster, London.

Discover Diverse Tile Options

Various Tile Types and Estimates for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Paint Works London offers many tile options that may elevate any area. Knowledgeable tile installers in Westminster, London, can install a variety of tile kinds with proficiency to meet your needs and design preferences.

Look at our offerings, which comprise the below features.

  • Luxurious Marble - We offer luxurious marble tiles to add elegance.
  • Modern Porcelain - Get porcelain tiles to create a smooth, contemporary appearance.
  • Rustic Slate - Slate tiles create a cosy, rustic atmosphere.
  • Timeless Victorian - Get tiles in the Victorian style to embrace timeless beauty.
  • Organic Natural Stone - Get natural stone tiles to bring the outdoors inside.
  • Versatile Vinyl - Vinyl tiles offer longevity and adaptability.
  • Artistic Mosaic - Get artistic mosaic tiles to create a statement.
  • Traditional Ceramic - Ceramic tiles come in various colours and designs.
  • Speak with our professionals regarding the advice below.
  • Custom Patterns - With our professional advice, create original patterns.
  • Commercial Projects - Rely on us for expert and timely commercial tile installations.
  • Floor Tiling - Get our superior tiling services to transform your floors.
  • Bathroom Tiling - Get our extensive selection of tiling solutions to improve your bathroom.
  • Domestic Tiling - You may rely on us for all your needs.


Leave the freshly tiled shower for at least 14 days before using it.

Tiles with some roughness are especially crucial in bathrooms because the entire floor serves as a shower tray and is very wet. A smooth-surfaced tile may be too smooth.

It is better to prime the tiles before adhering them together to increase the bond's endurance and adherence.

If you are looking for underfloor heating, follow the standard floor tile guidelines. Choose textured tiles to increase your grip on a wet floor. Larger tiles are also advised because they require less grout, which doesn't retain heat as well as standard tile.